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“The 9 programmatic points of M.I.R.E.

  1. BUSINESS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. The economic development is probably the most delicate issue and discussed by our fellow citizens abroad. The possibility of developing as citizens small and medium-sized enterprises, achieving access to the funds that are made available by the regions, the EU and the state for the development of the Italian company in foreign territory. The development of this sector should be the “cornerstone” for the subsequent development of the Movement’s political line because of the impacts it would have not only abroad, but especially, within national borders due to ridiculous insurance costs in relation to the results that would be obtained.
  2. CONSULAR NETWORK: MORE RESOURCES, LESS BUREAUCRACY. A solution must be found that guarantees each of the consulates an adequate number of officials that ensures efficiency. Currently, for the issue of a passport, or the recognition of citizenship a waiting period of years are required, and countless documents. 
A progressive increase in the funds allocated by the State is necessary to strengthen consular offices, and; thus, increase the people who work therein.
  3. HEALTH CARE IN ITALY. Guarantee medical care to Italian residents abroad when temporarily visiting Italy. Italian citizens must have free access to the Italian health care system even if their residence is abroad.
  4. ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Dissemination of the Italian language and culture is one of the most effective instruments to reinforce and promote the Italian presence in the world. The allocation of more funds to this sector shall be transformed into concrete benefits for Italy.
Also, it is essential the promotion of the study of the Italian language in public schools abroad.
  5. CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE. Improve and strengthen the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, by increasing funds and reforming the regulations that regulate the system in order to guarantee and protect our “Made in Italy,” and guarantee the economic presence of Italy in the world.
  6. REOPENING OF CONSULATES AND RELOCATION OF STAFF. In view of the need to strengthen the consular network, it is necessary to reopen consulates that have been closed in recent years in places with low percentage rates of Italians, but strategically important for the commercial development.
  7. ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP: NO TO TAXES, YES TO GENDER EQUALITY IN THE TRANSMISSION OF CITIZENSHIP. Eliminate citizenship-based taxation: Italian law establishes citizenship by birth, or the child of an Italian citizen; a tax payment of 300 Euros is required to obtain the recognition of a right. The Italian State as such must guarantee consular services.
  8. PROMOTE THE UNIVERSITY AND SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE. In a globalized world, Italy must further promote its excellent university offers, promote studying the stock exchange system to train in Italy young people of Italian origin, and promote scientific cooperation with researchers of Italian origin.
  9. ELIMINATE THE IMU (MUNICIPAL PROPERTY TAX). Italians living overseas are currently paying IMU and other shadow taxes on their home in Italy due to the fact that it is not considered “the first home,” an unfair discrimination that must be corrected. Also, at the same time they are penalized when accessing a bank credit for the purchase of a property in Italian territory.
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