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About Us

Vincenzo OdoguardiM.I.R.E.

“Not just politics but a home open to all Italians living abroad”.

M.I.R.E. This is how the new Non-profit movement presents itself il Movimento Italiani Residenti Estero,
founded by people who live in the constituency of North and Central America with a Leader named “Vincenzo Odoguardi” who collects the request, the challenge and the total support of the Italian communities residing abroad scattered all over the world.

The program of the movement and of “Odoguardi” is a reflection of his experience as a man of institutions as Honorary Consul, engaged for years for Italians residing abroad as President of Chambers of Commerce and as an entrepreneur in developing and implementing large real estate and commercial projects.

Clear and determined, Odoguardi showed his intellectual honesty that is increasingly rare in the current political scenario, stating that “not all the things done abroad by the Italian institutions so far have been poorly done but that we must revitalize what has been done so far and alter what has been done wrong”.

Il Presidente

After years of discussions within the institutions and the various political parties, it is necessary to acknowledge that our values, our ideas and our dreams cannot be put aside, as always, waiting for a new political election and to see the usual parties suddenly appear with their candidates making the usual promises to only disappear and forget about the Italian citizens who reside in various foreign countries.

This is the moment to build a new assembly, a welcoming community open to all Italians residing abroad who, with their sacrifice, commitment, creativity and passion, have continued to feel Italian in their hearts and their minds creating and developing that for many years in the largest and most important foreign countries in the world.

There is a vast space for a new and diverse politics built on passion and participation. This space is waiting only for our commitment and yours.

For the M.I.R.E. party and for Odoguardi there is a new way to start but this time we will do it together with all those Italians who are willing to be part of this project.
Politics requires proposals and courage, not just power games, political favoritism, broken promises.
At M.I.R.E we offer our enthusiasm to those who want to help us in this journey. We will respect to those who will criticize us.

We will offer above all ideas, dreams and projects for Italians who, far from their homeland, want to rediscover and get closer to their country of origin by regaining the lost trust in Italian politics.

M.I.R.E. confirms its future presence at all the most important appointments in foreign districts, supporting all Italian citizens with their requests and initiatives.

This will be an opportunity to learn more about the movement, its leader, and all the people who with their commitment and their passion will work to support all of you.
The moviment’s slogan is:

“..Costruiamo un futuro per gli Italiani all’estero”.. ;
Let’s build a future for Italians abroad

M.I.R.E not only wants to serve and bring attention to the problems of Italians abroad, but also wants to expand and develop what will be the new businesses and Italian projects.

M.I.R.E. represents a clear renewal of the Italian political landscape, which ranks professionals, entrepreneurs and serious and honest citizens who have distinguished themselves abroad for their great commitment and work in foreign countries.

The movement is ready to evaluate and take care of all the sensitive issues of Italians abroad and will provide all its experience and skills.

Many are the ideas and innovations introduced by M.I.R.E.

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