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M.I.R.E. is Born

Movimento Italiani Residenti Estero

“Let’s build a future for Italians abroad“


“Not just politics but a home open to all Italians living abroad”.

M.I.R.E. This is how the new Non-profit movement presents itself il Movimento Italiani Residenti Estero,
founded by people who live in the constituency of North and Central America with a Leader named “Vincenzo Odoguardi” who collects the request, the challenge and the total support of the Italian communities residing abroad scattered all over the world.

The program of the movement and of “Odoguardi” is a reflection of his experience as a man of institutions as Honorary Consul, engaged for years for Italians residing abroad as President of Chambers of Commerce and as an entrepreneur in developing and implementing large real estate and commercial projects.

Clear and determined, Odoguardi showed his intellectual honesty that is increasingly rare in the current political scenario, stating that “not all the things done abroad by the Italian institutions so far have been poorly done but that we must revitalize what has been done so far and alter what has been done wrong”.



Enzo Odoguardi


He began his professional life as a Director of multinational companies in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America and the Caribbean, where he currently resides.


  • Dottorato di Ricerca in Pianificazione Urbana, North Eastern University (1993).
  • Master in Architettura, Liverpool, Regno Unito (1990).
  • Laurea in Architettura, Università di Reggio Calabria, Italia (1990).
  • Corso di Pianificazione Urbana, Lille, Francia (1988).
  • Programma in Urbanistica, Lovanio, Belgio (1988).

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